Magical artifacts can be deadly…or seductive, and Amethyst St. John delights in them all. She’s curator for the U.K. Covens’ Magical Artifacts Library, and her magic isn’t the usual run-of-the-mill hocus-pocus. Oh no. With her powers, she can turn the nastiest artifact harmless.

Unfortunately, her magic is useless when her egotistical mother pressures her to marry a depraved aristocrat.  So, when the most powerful witch in the world asks her to present an artifact—a very intimate piece of the infamous wizard Merlin—to their sister city Assjacket, West Virginia, Amethyst jumps at the chance.

Bobcat Shifter Kerr Montgomery, chief detective for Assjacket, has better things to do than meet some British ambassador witch … until he catches Amethyst’s scent. She’s his mate—the one woman who can complete his soul. But his Ammy doesn’t understand mating. And she distrusts men. Even worse, she won’t be in Assjacket long enough to change her mind.

And then someone steals Merlin’s intimate body part. Ammy, aided by Kerr, sets out on a quest to find the artifact. In the process, she discovers what she really wants.


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Indianapolis attorney Brigit Bauer has always fought for the underdog, whether it’s sitting on the historic preservation board or mediating a gangland truce. But those battlegrounds are nothing compared to the web of deceit she uncovers, leading her through a maze of holding companies to the Chicago mob presence in her city. When a client dies in her place, she realizes she may have followed one lead too many.

Tony Pendrake, a former Navy SEAL and owner of T.P. Security, assists Bree in getting to the bottom of the attempts on her life. While Tony and Bree seek the person or persons behind the attacks, the two find themselves thrown into close proximity. The intensity of the situation leads to a relationship between them, but before they can discover where such a relationship could go, Bree’s newfound trust in Tony is tested in a final lethal encounter with the man who wants her dead.


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Having psychic abilities isn’t all that great, as Morgan Tarrant could testify. They already cost her a normal family life, several jobs and lots of moving around. Vowing to keep her psychic abilities a secret, she moves one last time to French Creek, Indiana. However, she didn’t count on an evil from her past following her.

After his last undercover job almost cost him his life, Detective Gabriel Walsh moves to French Creek to escape big city problems. He soon learns that evil isn’t picky about where it lives or whom it threatens.

For several years, Darien Storm enjoyed using his minor psychic abilities and a con artist’s tricks to bilk the public as the Messiah. By the time he reaches French Creek, he’s tiring of the gig and ready to move on. Then, opportunity knocks. Morgan is beautiful, rich and holds the promise of powers he can only imagine. He lusts for her, and nothing will stand in his way to possess her.

Forced to confront the evil that invades her world, Morgan triumphs and gains a treasure worth more than gold.


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Everybody dies sooner or later. It’s the people dying sooner that cause attorney Mici Smith and Dr. Rob Craig to work together to seek answers.

Mici’s response to Elinor Grace’s death and the Grace family’s suspicions that she was murdered is, as always, thorough. What she doesn’t realize is that obtaining the exhumation order for Elinor’s body will be opening the proverbial Pandora’s box. Like Pandora, her life will never be the same again.

At the behest of the Grace family, Mici hires Rob to perform the autopsy. Rob finds that Elinor has been poisoned with nicotine. His gut tells him it is neither suicide nor an accident.

After the police refuse to look into Elinor Grace’s suspicious death, Rob and Mici start down the twisted path to discover who would want to kill the elderly woman. Did the person who killed Elinor Grace also kill the Medical Director of the viatical insurance company which had bought her life insurance policy? Was Elinor killed as part of a scheme to make money for an unscrupulous CEO? Or was she killed for something she knew? Who is Master X and why does he want to kill Mici and Rob? How is Mici’s evil father involved in the deaths?

The answers to these questions lead the couple to a scene right out of Edgar Allen Poe, complete with a dark and stormy night, baying hounds and a crypt.

Formerly published at LTDBooks; this version has been revised.


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Lisa MacDougall is not your normal jewelry designer. Her genetic ability to sense which gemstones complement her clients’ chakras has made her famous. Increasingly, her job at Romanoff’s Jewelry Store in New York City has become uncomfortable with Andrei Romanoff’s aggressive sexual overtures. Her inheritance in Ben Lomond, North Carolina couldn’t have come at a better time. Lisa picks up stakes and moves to the Blue Ridge tourist town. Here she discovers her ability to read crystal energy is just the tip of the iceberg and that her Uncle Lon has left her more than just a quaint mountain property.

DEA Agent, Marco Santiago, is on the trail of the Verde Fogate drug cartel. A raid on a Miami warehouse goes bad, and all the DEA finds after months of planning is a lead to a lawyer in Ben Lomond, North Carolina and the words “green fire.” Marco and his partner, Saul Ramirez, head for the Blue Ridge Mountains to get to the bottom of what the cartel finds so interesting in Ben Lomond.

For years, the Verde Fogate Cartel has laundered its drug money through MinGemCo, the largest producer of quality gemstones in the world. MinGemCo’s rarest commodity is high quality emeralds. The news that emeralds with the quality of green fire seem to be coming from North Carolina threatens to devalue the company’s monopoly. Cartel leader, Manual Norda, traces the supply of stones to Ben Lomond and the property of Lon MacDougall. When Lon refuses to sell, Manual has him killed and hires local shyster, Beau Crawford, to buy the land at the estate sale. Neither Manual nor Beau expect a niece to show up and take control of the land. Now, it’s Beau’s job to convince Lisa to sell – – one way or another.

Formerly published by LTDBooks. This book is currently out-of-print, but can be found used online.