Monette Michaels' Bio


A Hoosier born and raised, Monette still lives in the heartland near Indianapolis, Indiana. Married to her college sweetheart and soul mate, she has one son.

After many years of practicing law, Monette found that all the clients, opposing counsel, and the problems she handled ignited the need to write fiction. So she started writing – first, romantic suspense/thrillers, then adding a touch of paranormal and scifi and, eventually, a sexier side (as Rae Morgan).

Monette (and Rae) loves to hear from her fans.
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Q: What books have most influenced your writing?

The reason I am writing at all is Mary Stewart. I love her books – all of them. Moonspinners and Touch Not the Cat have to be two of my fav reads of all time. I love her so much I even wrote the essay on her for an anthology called Mystery Muses: 100 Classics That Inspire Today’s Mystery Writers. While Mary Stewart wrote what we romance writers would call romantic suspense, she won two Edgar Awards for best mystery. Yes, her books had very few sex scenes and are mild in that regard considering today’s romance market – Touch Not the Cat has the most obvious one and even it was mostly off-stage – but the growing romance between her heroes and her heroines was fabulous and set against some of the most exotic backdrops in the world and set off against edge of your seat danger. She is why all my books have a background of danger. I like the external conflict juxtaposed against the internal conflict, the growing attraction and romance of the hero and heroine.


Q: Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Besides Mary Stewart whose books I re-read every year, I have many favorite authors. LOL Too many to list here, that is for sure. Linda Howard of the Mackenzie era has to be mentioned for sure. I think my copy of Mackenzie’s Mountain has to be falling apart. I also loved Mr. Perfect and Cry No More. Her last few, I’ve had reservations about, but her back list is on my Keeper Shelf and I re-read her books frequently. For the sexier, more sensual authors, I just love and adore Nalini Singh’s books, both paranormal series. She has a talent for exposition; her alpha heroes are just yummy and her heroines are strong enough to stand toe-to-toe but know when they need to lean on their men. Her world-building is so subtle that a reader is not jarred out of the story with a lot of technical jargon or rules that are hard to understand. Linnea Sinclair is also another author I love since I am a scifi geek and her science fiction romances are to die for.

I also re-read JD Robb’s In Death series every year. And I must mention Cherise Sinclair, my critique partner. I love her books and adore her.  We became crit partners after discovering each others books.


Q: What authors have you discovered lately?

Tina Whittle and her Tai Randolph romantic mystery series set in the “new” South. The books are well-written, very romantic, and deal with the new versus old South in as way that is both poetic and gritty at the same time I only wish I wrote as well as she does.


Q: What’s your sign?:

Pisces with Taurus rising. Born in the Year of the Dragon. My numerology number is 6.


Q: What is your favorite color?:

Blue for decorating — and anything black for clothing.


Q: Music?

I love metal and alternative. I listen to Nickelback, Metallica, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Puddle of Mudd, Disturbed, well, you get the picture. These are on my iPod and are what I listen to while writing.


Q: Movies?

I like action flicks. And A&E mysteries like Midsomer Murders, Poirot, and the good old standby, Columbo.


Q: Television?

I stopped watching scripted TV a long time ago.  Can’t stand reality-based shows like the Housewives of wherever or the Kardashians or the Bachelor. I tend to watch DIY, The Weather Channel, Cooking Channel, and The Food Network.  I’ll occasionally watch PBS for murder mystery series from England, although since Midsomer Murders went off the air, there haven’t been that many I want to watch.