Welcome to the home page for the Gooden and Knight Paranormal Series. I like to call this line of books woo-woo meets Perry Mason. Since I write paranormal romantic suspense, I have become intimately involved in the lives of my preternatural characters, and I began to wonder: Where do preternaturals go when they have a legal problem? The only logical answer is to another preternatural.

Thus, I created Abigail Merriweather Gooden, a lawyer who just happens to be a witch. Not just any witch, but a whiz-bang-boom witch with a flamboyant, high society witch mother and paternal antecedents descending from Celtic wizards.

Helping Abbie with her cases are – – Lucan Knight, a shapeshifter private detective and all alpha-male. Her loyal secretary Daniel and his partner Van, owner of the largest, most exclusive spa in Austin. Abbie’s Uncle Vidal Storm who talks to dead people. And a hunky, mere-mortal homicide detective who is more than he seems to be.

Toss in cases from the woo-woo side of life and you have a formula for mystery, mayhem and magick!

I hope you enjoy my little series.





Abigail Merriweather Gooden isn’t your typical Austin, Texas lawyer. Sure she has the so very chic law offices on West 6th Street and the prominent social status that comes from old Texas money, but she also has magic with a “k.” Abbie, after all, is a witch.

So, it isn’t surprising that the preternatural community sends all its legal matters to her. Such is the case with Jurnik Golub, owner of Exotica, a popular Austin gentlemen’s club. Jurnik is a vampire – – and someone has attempted to frame him for the murder of one of his strippers. All lawyers like innocent clients – – and Jurnik is definitely innocent, being that he was sleeping the sleep of the undead during the time of the murder.

Abbie along with Lucan Knight, the shape-shifter private detective Jurnik has hired, must race to find “whodunnit” before the Austin Police haul Jurnik in – – and he becomes a crispy client.


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The Deadly Séance: A Gooden and Knight Mystery: Case File #2

Abigail Gooden’s Uncle Vidal is in love. His soon-to-be bride, Ariana Huntingdon, has asked him to perform a séance. Its purpose is twofold: to obtain Ari’s deceased husband’s blessing for the nuptials and to get his advice about some much needed tough love for their three adult children. Before Vidal can perform the séance, Ari dies in his arms–and it’s definitely murder.

One of the five people in the room did it. Was it one of the spoiled children whose allowances were to be cut off? Was it Ari’s long-suffering, poor-relation secretary, Rose Connors? Or was it the butler, Simmons?

Abbie and Luc barely begin to investigate Ari’s death before another murder occurs. With ties connecting the current deaths to two previous ones and danger from Abbie’s past stalking them, it will take all their smarts plus help from their friends and a whole lot of magic to figure out whodunit before the killer strikes again.

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